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Introductory to Intermediate-
Designed for adult audiences with any level of exposure or experience to the issues addressed. Curiosity and interest in developing greater understanding of the material is primary. 
Bringing Back the Body - The Value of Embodied Life

An all-day course in which participants will:

Examine and critique cultural and religious messages about our bodies,

Explore how those messages impact our individual self image and our community cohesiveness,

Be introduced to alternative messages that support body-positivity,

Look at particular areas of bodily life such as sexuality, gender, race, ability, and size to understand how they are affected by our views of the body.


This is the cornerstone training of The Joyful Body Project.

Gender, Sexuality and Race - Seeing History and Learning a New Story

An all-day course in which participants will:

Examine how dominance and control based on gender, sexuality, and race created a cultural narrative that supported colonialism and continued white supremacy.


Explore how that affects the way we understand our own story, our ability to honor the stories of others, our theological commitments, and our decisions to act against racial injustice.

The Joyful Body Keynote or Sermon (20-30 minutes)

A sermon or speech based on the themes of The Joyful Body Project, tailored to your organization's interests and needs.


Full worship design for Christian worship is also available including ritual and hymn selection. 

The Joyful Body Workshop Series

45-90 minutes of presentation and facilitated conversation delving into special issues which may be combined for longer sessions - perfect for adult education in faith communities or conference break-outs 

Gender and The Joyful Body 


Sexuality and The Joyful Body 


The Joyful Body and Alternative Relationship Styles 


The Joyful Single Body 


The Joyful Fat Body 

Intermediate to Advanced -
Designed for adult participants with specialized interests, knowledge, and some previous education.
Facilitation style courses that will be greatly enhanced by the participants own contributions of experience and knowledge and the ability to integrate their current knowledge with others' contributions, including the facilitator's.
Bringing Back the Body for Theology Geeks

A half-day course in which participants will:


Play with variations of constructed theologies that support a non-dualistic Theological Anthropology so that bodies are valued as essential to self.


Explore how Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Incarnation, Resurrection, and Eschatology are impacted by embracing a fully body positive Theological Anthropology.

Bringing Back the Body for Ritual Geeks

A half-day course in which participants will explore a variety of ritual practices for different occasions and settings that will enhance involvement of the body.


This exploration will not be limited to any particular faith affiliation or religion.


Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas about and experiences in ritual formation to share, and will be invited to create new rituals together in class to be shared and used by all in their life and work settings. 

Bringing Back the Body for Professional Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches

This is can be a half-day or all-day course designed for healing professionals who desire to upgrade their understanding of body-positivity and sex-positivity by examining gender, sexuality, race, and by reviewing the theological messages that both undermine and support body-positivity.


Discussion will also include how more somatic practices may enhance the participants' current approach to therapy. Continuing education credits may be available. 

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